I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at LS2N in Nantes, focusing on the problem of bandwidth extension, and more generally on audio synthesis, using deep learning models.

I did my PhD research on the problem of speaker localization and counting with deep neural networks.

My other research interests include music information retrieval, music generation and sound synthesis.


P.-.A Grumiaux, M. Lagrange, Efficient bandwidth extension of musical signals using a differentiable harmonic plus noise model, arXiv:2311.07363, 2023.
P.-.A Grumiaux, S. Kitic, L. Girin, A. Guérin, A survey of sound source localization with deep learning methods, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol. 152, no 1, p. 107-151, 2022.
P.-.A Grumiaux, S. Kitic, P. Srivastava, L. Girin, A. Guérin, SALADnet: Self-Attentive multisource Localization in the Ambisonics Domain, Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, New Platz, NY, 2021.
P.-.A Grumiaux, S. Kitic, L. Girin, A. Guérin, Improved feature extraction for CRNN-based multiple sound source localization, European Signal Processing Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2021.
P.-.A Grumiaux, S. Kitic, L. Girin, A. Guérin, Multichannel CRNN for speaker counting: an analysis of performance, Forum Acusticum, Lyon, France, 2020.
P.-.A Grumiaux, S. Kitic, L. Girin, A. Guérin, High-resolution speaker counting in reverberant rooms using CRNN with Ambisonics features, European Signal Processing Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2020.
P.-.A Grumiaux, R. Michon, E. J. G. Arias, P. Jouvelot, Impulse-response and CAD-model-based physical modeling in Faust, Linux Audio Conference, Saint-Etienne, France, 2017.

PhD manuscript

2018 2021
P.-.A Grumiaux, Deep learning for speaker counting and localization with Ambisonics signals, Université Grenoble Alpes, supervised by Laurent Girin, Srdan Kitic and Alexandre Guérin.

Internship reports

P.-.A Grumiaux, Automatic drums transcription using neural networks, IRCAM, supervised by Geoffroy Peeters, Master ATIAM 2017-2018.

P.-.A Grumiaux, Lyrics-to-audio alignment, Audionamix, Ecole Centrale de Lille 2016-2017 (3nd and last year).
Confidential document

P.-.A Grumiaux, Physical modelling library in Faust, CRI, supervised by Pierre Jouvelot and Romain Michon, Ecole Centrale de Lille 2015-2016 (2nd year).

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