About me

I am currently a research engineer at Sonaide.

Before that, I pursued a post-doc contract on the problem of bandwidth extension using deep learning models.

My PhD research focused on audio source localization and counting, specifically on speech signals, using deep learning on 3D audio signals.

My other research interests include music information retrieval, music generation and sound synthesis.

In addition to research, playing and composing music take up a lot of space in my daily life. I have been playing the piano since I am 6, and I like playing pieces in different styles like classical music, blues, boogie-woogie or minimal music. I also like playing by ear and rearranging songs I like.

I also spend a lot of time producing music using synthesizers and a DAW (Ableton Live notably). I create tracks in several genres, including rap beats, lo-fi, dub, electronic, psytrance and other styles I don't know how to classify.

I also like doing sound design by messing around with synthesizers. I sometimes record sounds from the world with a microphone, either to process and use them in my creations, or for nothing but pleasure.

You can hereby find my resume.


Jan. 2024 - Present
Research engineer

March. 2022 - June. 2023
Postdoctoral researcher
LS2N (Nantes, France)
Supervised by Mathieu Lagrange

Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2021
Ph.D. Student
Orange Labs (Rennes, France) and GIPSA-lab, CRISSP (Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France)
Supervised by Laurent Girin, Srdan Kitic and Alexandre Guérin

Feb. - July 2018
Research Intern
Supervised by Geoffroy Peeters
Report (in French)

Apr. - Aug. 2017
Research Intern
Audionamix (Paris, France)
Supervised by François Rigaud

Jun. - Aug. 2016
Research Intern


2018 - 2021
Ph.D. Degree
GIPSA-lab, CRISSP (Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France)

2017 - 2018
Master of Research - ATIAM (Acoustics, Signal Processing and Computer Science applied to Music

2013 - 2017
Engineering Degree
Centrale Lille (Lille, France)

2011 - 2013
Higher School Preparatory Classes
Lycée Marcelin Berthelot

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